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Trading My Ass For A Backstage Pass Sienna Valentine

Trading My Ass For A Backstage Pass

Sienna Valentine

Kindle Edition
20 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Madison was a bit of a slut, shed be the first to admit it although she wouldnt use that word. Trading sexual favors for things she wanted were no big deal to her, and she didnt really care what people thought of that. So when she headed to a concert to try and get backstage to meet her favorite band, she was prepared to open her mouth to the first bouncer she met in order to get her way. What she wasnt expecting, though, were that the bouncers could get the same thing from any number of groupies. They were looking for something more interesting to set her apart from all the others. How far would she be willing to go to get her way?WARNING:This 6000 word story contains graphic scenes of sexuality between a groupie and bouncers. It is intended for adults only.Excerpt:WELL, HELL, he said and reached over with a massive hand to grab my chest through my rubber top. I knew that most of the people around me were focused on the concert, but even I wasnt about to go down on a stranger in the middle of a crowd of people. I withdrew may hand and turned back to the concert to see if he would take the bait. His hand kept squeezing but let go as I turned slightly away from him. I could see him looking at me from the corner of my eye.ALRIGHT, LETS SWITCH, he yelled. I smiled and scooted forward to let his big frame shove past me from behind. As he did, I felt him grab both my hips and press his hardness into my behind. I laughed and swatted him away as I took his old spot. This one was much better, I could see perfectly. I looked over at Mr. Blue Eyes and he was looking at my body hungrily. I suppose I had to give him something or hed want to switch back again. I let my hand wander back over to his pants and continued to rub him through his jeans as I watched.Meanwhile, I felt his own big hand touch my thigh and slowly move up and under my skirt. I decided not to stop him, there was nobody looking anyway and my skirt was so short he barely had to lift it to get underneath. I felt his hardness grow even more from within his pants just as one of his big meaty fingers touched me. I squirmed at his touch a bit and decided to up my game with the hopes of ending this encounter quicker. I raised my hand until I found the hem of his pants and then dove inside, having to move closer to him in order to do so. I slipped past his underwear and grabbed his flesh firmly.