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ISBN : 9789054961260
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For a change, we have brightened up this catalogue with samples of one of the many things you can do with the images in our Agile Rabbit book+CD sets: make T-shirts And this is precisely what many people do- they take an image from one of our titles and print it on clothing. More often, of course, the pictures are used to decorate business cards, invitations, newsletters and the like. On a professional level, graphic and fashion designers and advertising agencies form a large part of our client base, and the creative departments of many small and medium-sized businesses around the globe use our books for inspiration. For example, the Dutch brand of childrens wear, KidsCase, Is very successful with shirts, coats and sweaters that are decorated with our images. Well-known brands such as Nike and Tommy Hilfiger have used material from our collection on their apparel, and Marks & Spencer has decorated their shop windows with our historical patterns. One of our challenges is to keep on coming up with high quality visual resources, along with fresh and interesting themes. So in addition to classics such as Fancy Alphabets and Jugendstit, we publish Tekno Logical and Non Facture. And this is exactly what you can continue to expect from us: carefully researched and designed visual books full of material that can actually be used rather than merely looked at. However, although the Agile Rabbit series of books with CD-ROM have now grown to the extent that it constitutes approximately 75% of our catalogue, we are still very busy developing other projects, such as Spectacles & Sunglasses and Wrap-Around Fashion Design.