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Mensa Genius Workbook Josephine Fulton

Mensa Genius Workbook

Josephine Fulton

Published 1999
128 pages
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 About the Book 

The Genius Workbook Genius is one of the most sought-after yet least-understood qualities. For the first time, Mensa can help you to figure out if you have what it takes to be a genius. Intelligence and genius are often confused, and in truth many people have difficulty accurately defining what genius means. The Genius Workbook explores what genius is, and provides carefully-designed tests and questionnaires to let you analyze your own genius potential, and exercises to help maximiae your abilities. Many geniuses go unrecognized in their own lifetimes, so you might well surprise yourself.There are several factors that combine to determine whether or not someone is a genius. Intelligence is an important element, but it is far from being the defining characteristic. You also often need creativity, the ability to think both laterally and logically, an open mind, confidence in your ideas and the determination to see them through to an end result, and a slightly skewed view of the world. But not all geniuses need to have all these qualities the whole is a complex interplay of elements, and between them, somewhere genius may be synthesized.You could be a genius - and this is your chance to find out.