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Der Schild des Talos Valerio Massimo Manfredi

Der Schild des Talos

Valerio Massimo Manfredi

Published August 2000
ISBN : 9783453173200
413 pages
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 About the Book 

In this epic story filled with passion, courage & adventure, the author of the internationally bestselling Alexander trilogy tells the tale of two warriors united by blood & torn apart by law. This is the saga of a Spartan family, unraveled by a harsh custom of their people that causes them to abandon one of their own. The elder son, healthy Brithos, will live comfortably. Feeble Talos must be sacrificed to the wolves of Mt Taygetus. Unbeknownst to his grieving parents, however, the child is miraculously found & saved by a Helot--the once-proud people who now live in servitude to Sparta. While his brother is raised in the warrior caste, Talos, now a slave, is schooled in the history of the Helots by his adoptive father. He learns the legend of Aristodemus, their last king, whose armor, its prophesied, will be worn again by the liberator of his people. When the brothers meet for the 1st time since their separation, its over crossed swords as Talos defends the woman he loves from Brithos brutality. But fate has a greater destiny in store for them. As war looms, their lives become entwined in ways neither could have imagined. They live out their story in a world dominated by the clash between Persia & the Greek poleis until their blood & human solidarity unites.